Print Cheques 
in QuickBooks


Secure cheques designed exclusively
for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop


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Protect yourself with Secure Cheques 


Intuit Business Cheques have you covered. 

  • Save time printing cheques directly from QuickBooks.
  • Pay employees and vendors. 
  • Designed exclusively for QuickBooks to print perfectly every time2
  • NOW AVAILABLE Hand-written cheques




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Cheques for all your payments, with a
30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee 

Voucher Cheques


Pay employees and suppliers

Keep stubs for your records

85% of the cheques we sell are voucher cheques

Standard Cheques


Add professional distinction to business payments

Print 3 on one page

Pay multiple vendors fast with QuickBooks data

Wallet Cheques


Sized for personal use

Keep stubs for your records

Use expense data already in QuickBooks

All our cheques are designed exclusively for use with
QuickBooks by

Supplies to keep you up and running

Cheque Value Packs


Cheques, envelopes, deposit slips

All-in-one bundle

Our best price 

Deposit Slips


So easy to print from QuickBooks

Manual slips available

Customize for a professional look

Security Envelopes


Professional look

Keeps contents confidential

Pre-print your address

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Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures
  1. 20% off your first order. Use promo code 374.
  2. D+H guarantees that your cheques will be printed error-free and will be compatible with your QuickBooks software and will comply with the new Canadian Payments Association specifications for cheques. If you're not satisfied, contact D+H at 1-877-445-3233 within 30 days of receipt of your completed order and they will reprint your order or refund your money.