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Moving Your Accounting Firm to the Cloud

Read tips on moving your accounting firm to the cloud, and learn about the benefits, logistics, and other factors involved in this change.

Best QuickBooks Features and Apps for Restaurants

Read about QuickBooks features and complimentary apps that appeal to restaurant owners, and review why these features are so helpful.

Attaching Documents to QuickBooks Online Transactions

Review the basics steps for attaching a document to a QuickBooks transaction, and read about the benefits of this process and other document storage strategies.

Record Retention Requirements for Small Businesses

Get an overview of the records you need to keep and the length of time required by the CRA for retaining business records.

Accounting Tips: Upgrade From Quicken to Quickbooks

Discover why you may need QuickBooks Online, over Quicken, to better manage and understand your firm's finances.

Is Cloud Accounting Secure?

Find out whether your cloud-based accounting software is safe to use. In most cases, cloud servers offer greater protection than on-premises servers.

How to Record a Sales Tax Expense on Imported Goods in QuickBooks Online

Learn, step by step, how to record sales tax expenses for importing goods into Canada using QuickBooks Online.

How to Reconcile Accounts in QuickBooks Online

Follow these steps to perform reconciliation in QuickBooks, which offers an easy way to reconcile accounts.

Accounting in the Cloud: Hidden Saas Costs

Review the hidden costs of switching to cloud-based accounting software. Also, read about expenses you avoid when you move to the cloud.

Wrapping Up: The Accounting Closing Process

Certain processes occur during the end of every accounting period. Know what should occur as your books close at the end of each month and year.