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What is a Deferred Tax?

Discover how deferred taxes could benefit you financially, and find out about some investment and retirement vehicles that defer taxes.

Use T2125 to Deduct Legal Fees

Learn how to report legal fees on Form T2125, Statement of Business and Professional activities. Review exceptions to the general reporting rule.

Tax for Small Business Owners: Business Use of Home

Learn the basic rules for deducting business-use-of-home expenses when you run a small business from your home.

CRA Tax Forms That You May Have Overlooked

Self-employed or small businesses may not realize that there are several other tax advantages available to them.

3 Easter Eggs Hidden in the Canadian Tax Code

Discover some creative ways to reduce the taxes owed from your small business to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Tax Filing for Nonprofit Organizations


Find out how charities and nonprofit organizations can do to prepare for tax season, such as hiring an accountant or using software to stay organized.

Tax Advantages of Employee Benefits

Explore how benefits can boost employee satisfaction while lowering your business's tax liability. Look at the tax rules around different types of benefits.

Preparing a Successful Notice of Objection


Learn how to prepare a successful notice of objection following an assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Maximize Write-Offs When Attending a Convention

Learn how to maximize business deductions when you go to a convention. Review the Canada Revenue Agency's rules for business owners.

Making the Most of Your CCA Deduction

Learn how to utilize the CCA over time to minimize the taxes your business has to pay in a particular year.