How To Boost A Facebook Business Post

by Emily Retherford

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Increase the reach of a Facebook post by boosting it. Follow these steps to boost a Facebook post:

  1. Launch a Facebook page.

  2. In the status field, share a link to content on your website, upload a photo or a video, or post details about an event.

  3. Publish the post, which makes your content visible to your fans.

  4. Click the Boost Post button.

  5. Choose your target audience by age, geographic location, gender and interests.

  6. Set your budget, which is the amount you wish to spend on boosting the post.

  7. Choose the amount of time – days or weeks – you want to boost your post.

  8. Click Boost to launch the campaign.

You may have to enter payment information if you are buying Facebook Ads for the first time.

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