How To Launch A Paid Marketing Campaign On Facebook

by Emily Retherford

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Facebook offers highly targeted paid advertising, which can help you gain valuable exposure for your business. Advertising on the social networking website is relatively inexpensive, so you can market your business even on a limited budget. Here’s how you launch a paid advertising campaign on Facebook:

  1. Choose your target audience. Options include gender, education, interest and location.

  2. Set your daily advertising budget. Facebook will not exceed the amount you set.

  3. Write an engaging ad. You can also include up to six images in your ad.

  4. Select where you’d like the add to appear; for example, they can appear in users’ news feeds or on Facebook’s side bar.

  5. Launch your ad.

  6. Review your advertising campaign results in Facebook Ads Manager.

  7. Pause your ad and tweak it if necessary to increase engagement.

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