Maximizing Snail Mail for Advertisement

by Emily Retherford

2 min read

Snail mail can still be an effective way to reach potential clients and customers. However, you need to identify your target market and create advertising materials they’ll review and act upon. Find out how to the most out of a snail mail advertising.

Know Your Target Market

Any successful advertising campaign begins with identifying its intended target market. Create a profile of your ideal customer. You can acquire or build your mailing list once you know your target market. Some businesses buy targeted mailing lists, although the data used to collect paid mailing lists can be unreliable. You can also create your own mailing list to ensure your advertisements reach your target market. Start by asking every customer or client with whom you interact if they would like to receive mail from you, and jot down their mailing addresses if they say “yes.” You can also add a mailing list signup box to every page of your website.

Personalize Your Approach

Mail recipients typically open advertisements that look like personalized correspondence. You might consider making your advertisements a two-page letter and hand-addressing the envelopes – or printing envelopes using a font that looks like handwriting. Address the recipient by name, and include testimonials in the advertising content to draw in the recipient. It’s a good idea to insert photos of yourself, your employees, your products, or your business location in mail advertisements to give them a more authentic appeal.

Include an Irresistible Offer

Effective calls to action – the offer you include in your advertisement – create leads and sales. You can make it easy for advertising mail recipients to respond by making your offers irresistible. Offers potential clients or customers may have difficulty turning down include:

  • A free consultation
  • A 50% off discount on a best-selling item
  • A coupon that customers can use in-store or online
  • A free item with purchase

Be sure to include a toll-free number for respondents to call, and give them options for responding to your offers by email or social media.

Test Your Advertisements With Subsets

You can gauge the effectiveness of various advertisements by testing different versions and offers with subsets of your mailing list. For example, you might send an advertisement to one group that offers a coupon and another that offers a free consultation. Analyze your response rates for each test to determine which approach yields more leads and sales.

Follow Up

It’s a good idea to follow up with people who respond to your snail mail advertisements. Following up is an effective way to encourage additional sales and elicit referrals from satisfied customers. After a purchase or consultation, plan to follow up with an additional, more personalized mailer, or with a phone call or email.

It’s also a good idea to follow up with people who didn’t respond to your mail advertisements. With this group, you might send a quick email to ask what they thought about your mailer.

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