What Are Interstitial Ads?

by Emily Retherford

1 min read

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads on webpages or apps that appear at transition points, such as when the user opens an app or clicks to go to another page. These ads are really effective in drawing users’ attention, since your users will be forced to engage with them by clicking out of them or on them. Interstitial ads can be used for brand building, direct selling, and collecting contact information. Typically, they are video clips, clickable ads, or a form asking users to submit their contact information. On your website, you can use interstitial ads to promote your products with an image, sales copy, and link to a sales page. Collecting email addresses is another good use of interstitial ads. As you collect visitors’ email addresses, you can stay in touch with them and increase revenue over the long term with promotions and content marketing. You can also customize these ads with Google AdWords or Facebook ads and create different ads for regular visitors, first-time visitors, and infrequent visitors.For apps, interstitial ads are usually clickable ads or short videos. Use these ads to promote your products and get users into your sales funnel. Google AdWords or Facebook can help you customize your ad based on your users’ history, just like ads on a webpage. Interstitial ads are very effective compared to other forms of digital marketing. However, they can become ineffective if you overuse them. Your users will become irritated and stop using your app or visiting your website if they’re bombarded with ads. Monitor the effectiveness of your ads to decide whether they’re increasing engagement – or if people are exiting your webpage or app after they encounter your ads.You shouldn’t have an interstitial ad take over the entire screen when a user is in the middle of reading a blog post or about to make a purchase. By keeping interstitial ads at transition points that don’t disrupt the natural flow of your website or app, you can draw attention to content or products that might get overlooked in a smaller, more conventional ad format.

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