Advantages of Today’s Entrepreneurs

by Victoria Lennox

0 min read

In this video, Startup Canada spoke with Andrew Tait, Founder and President of Tait Laboratories Inc., who has crafted a thriving business out of modernizing traditional medicines. He is an example of today’s Millennial entrepreneurs, those born between 1980 and 1995, who will be taking over the workforce as the baby boomers begin to retire. He speaks about how todays’ global community of entrepreneurs is more connected than ever, and how that is enabling young founders to learn from others and experiment with new ideas of their own.

When asked what skills make his list as ‘must haves’ for new entrepreneurs, financial smarts are top of mind. As an alumni of the Intuit Canada and Canadian Youth Business Foundation’s Financial Bridge Builders Program, Andrew knows first-hand what it takes to build financial literacy skills from the ground up. He shares some of his key takeaways from participating in the program and wraps up with a prediction of what the future holds for Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

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