How Financially Literate Are You?

by Beth Rifkin

0 min read

Money may make the world go round, but how well do you really understand your finances?

We surveyed 500 small business owners and found that while nine out of 10 consider their financial literacy scores to be average or above, four out of 10 failed our financial literacy quiz.

Although there are marked improvements compared to the results from the same quiz in 2012, a deep financial literacy gap still exists among Canadian entrepreneurs.

With financial literacy being the most common cause of business failure, entrepreneurs who do not have a solid grasp on their fundamentals are risking their chances of long-term success.

Enhanced financial literacy will help you make informed decisions about your money for your business, so you’ll be able to devote more time to what matters most.

Where do you stand when it comes to financial literacy? Take our quiz to find out.

How's your financial literacy?

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