How to Tell If You Need a Business Mentor

by Lois Leonard

1 min read

A small business can be as unpredictable as a living, breathing organism. You don’t have all the answers when the unexpected happens. When you experience challenges you aren’t sure how to solve, consider seeking business help from a mentor with the know-how to guide you through the choppy waters. Not knowing how to solve a problem can be a sign your business needs the services of a mentor or professional consultant. For example, a person in a key leadership position might suddenly decide to leave your business. As a result, you might feel confusion regarding a way forward. You might wonder whether to hire someone from the outside, fill the position in-house, or assume the person’s responsibilities yourself. A mentor who has successfully overcome such a challenge can give you sound advice and help you solve the problem. If you have set SMART goals, for example, and they haven’t been met, you might need the help of a mentor or another skilled outside consultant. It could be that, as a new small business, your goals simply aren’t realistic. A mentor can help you align your goals closer to what your business is capable of achieving at its current stage of development. Don’t let uncertainty hold back your business. Seek the advice of a mentor to set you on the right path to achieve your goals.

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