How to Apply for Handmade at Amazon

by Beth Rifkin

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Handmade at Amazon is a new online marketplace -launched in October 2016- where artisans can sell their products. Your items must be made by you to sell on Handmade. Here is how to apply to sell on the website.

  1. Navigate to Handmade at Amazon and click “Apply Now.”
  2. Enter your contact information and website address in the provided fields.
  3. Include information about the types of products you sell, such as apparel or jewelry. Amazon also wants to know approximately how many handmade items you plan to sell.
  4. Upload three images of your crafts.
  5. Provide in-depth details about how you make your crafts, including the type of equipment you use. You also need to upload a photo of your studio.
  6. Submit your application. Amazon takes about one week to process your application.

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