Small Business Tip: Never Stop Networking

by Beth Rifkin

1 min read

Even if you have a fierce independent streak, it’s never a good idea to go it completely alone in business. Developing a network of business and personal contacts ensures that you’ll have access to people who understand the life of an entrepreneur. And, when you need advice or hit an inspiration wall, tapping your network can help you shake things up in a way that takes your business to the next level.The significant benefit of having a network is having access to people with the skills and expertise to help you when you need it the most. For example, it’s hard to find committed employees and running job ads and interviewing tons of applicants can be a bit of a drudge. Instead of struggling to find the right person for your team, consider telling people in your network about your open position and ask them to refer someone they know. The nice thing about using this strategy to find employees is that someone in your network is unlikely to spoil the relationship by recommending a less-than-stellar candidate. You can also tap your network for help navigating the small business legal landscape. For example, you might need help with difficult-to-understand compliance laws. An attorney in your network may offer to help you for a nominal fee or no charge at all if you refer clients to her.People are your greatest resource. Most folks in your network will revel in your success and take satisfaction in knowing they were a part of it.

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