Follow Your Passion

by Beth Rifkin

1 min read

When you’re getting started as an independent contractor, you must make a decision: choose a practical money making path, or follow your passion. While the first option might sound more viable, choosing jobs you love can actually benefit your business in the long run.Without the support structure of a traditional office, it’s up to you to meet deadlines and go after new clients. When you’re doing work you love, it’s a breeze to find the intrinsic motivation you need to push through tough times. This gives you a big advantage over contractors who are in it just for the money.If you’ve gotten bored with work in the past, following your passion can be a great option. Exciting projects automatically increase your engagement – it’s much easier to get going in the morning when you’re looking forward to work. Your sole proprietor status gives you the power to outsource any tasks that don’t bring you joy. In the long run, fulfilling work and a deep interest in the subject matter can boost happiness and increase job satisfaction.Self-promotion is a big part of an independent contractor’s job, and passion can make you a powerful brand ambassador. Your joy and enthusiasm can play a big role in selling your services. Imagine two contractors, both with equal qualifications. A client is more likely to choose the person who is excited and committed over the one who seems uninterested or detached.By turning your passion into your profession, you can build a successful independent contracting business that lasts.

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