Time for a Makeover: How to Overhaul Your Brand

by Lois Leonard

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In theory, branding is supposed to be static. You influence public perception about your company through things that you won’t change, such as your logo, branding message, customer service policies, website design, and the interior decor at your brick-and-mortar location. In reality, however, branding is a fluid pursuit that changes along with the times, trends, customer tastes, and competition. When it’s time to make a big change to your business’s image, consider these tips to overhaul your brand and change the way the public thinks of your business.

Redesign Your Logo

In 2016, Sears Canada redesigned its logo as part of the company’s effort assert itself in the e-commerce space. Sears Canada no longer uses the familiar blue-and-white branding logo it shared with its U.S. counterpart. Instead, the new logo, featuring the word “Sears” in bold, black typeface with the distinctive Canadian maple leaf in red, sends the message to consumers that Sears Canada is different and that times have changed for the better. Don’t be afraid to redesign your logo to keep up with the times or make a bolder statement when new competitors come along. With the help of a skilled graphic designer, you can incorporate familiar elements of your existing logo, but add an eye-catching color scheme or new shapes. The ultimate goal of redesigning your logo is to attract new customers while letting your existing customers know you still have the familiar products and services they love.

Revise Advertising Campaigns

In many cases, advertising is a mirror on society. You may need to revise your advertising campaign for your business to stay relevant. Consider using fresh, high-quality photography and videos to get customers to take a second look at your business. A new tone helps breathe new life into a brand, too. For example, if the previous tone of voice in your advertising was serious, a warmer tone – and possibly some light humour – can change perceptions about your brand. Consider using video-sharing social networks, such as YouTube, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to test new ads. Such websites are effective for ad testing, because you get instant feedback from consumers.

Business Premises Makeover

Redoing your brick-and-mortar business premises can be a highly effective way to rebrand and get consumers excited about patronizing your business. For example, assume that your current retail location looks cluttered, has too much merchandise in the aisles, and the checkout counter is barely visible. You could rebrand by installing new, stylish shelves, widening the aisles and hanging labels above them, and placing the checkout counter in an area with minimal shelving and merchandise so customers can find it easily. Your website is your place of business if you’re an online-only operation. You can rebrand by redesigning your website to make it more user-friendly and more visually appealing. Adding features like a blog and a live customer service chat box sends the message that you’ve shaken things up. Even if you’ve had the same branding for a long time, rebranding may be exactly what your business needs to attract new customers and increase revenue.

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