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How to Create an Income Statement Projection

Learn how to create income projection statements and how to use existing numbers to create projections and estimates.

How to Create a Sales Budget

Find out what a sales budget is, why it's important, and what goes into developing one, including a sales forecast.

How Do Budgets and Forecasts Differ?

Learn about the differences between budgets and forecast, and find out when you should use a budget or a forecast.

Using Payback Period In Capital Budgeting

Looking to make capital investments? Incorporate the payback period method into your analysis to determine when your project will return positive cash flows.

Using Internal Rate of Return to Make Project Decisions

Learn what an internal rate of return analysis is, how to use it to make business decisions, and see example calculations.

Set Up a Budget So Your Business Travel Expenses Don’t Get Out of Hand

Read about tips for keeping business travel costs under control. Review the roll of budgeting apps, detailed expense reports, and more.

Forecast Income Monthly

Forecasting monthly income can help you stay on budget and take corrective actions early in the process.

Gaining Control: How to Implement a Zero-Based Budget

Having problems developing a budget? Consider implementing a zero-based budget to increase the control over what is spent in your company.

Budgeted Performance Vs. Actual Performance: How to Perform Variance Analysis

Learn about variance analysis, the types of metrics that can be analyzed, and example calculations, and understand the importance of this analysis tool.

Budget for Your Vacation Time

Planning and budgeting properly can allow you to take a guilt-free vacation, easing your financial burden.