Learn How to Make Money While Travelling the Globe

by Lois Leonard

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In the digital age, you can actually work full-time or part-time while travelling the globe and earn fairly decent wages. In many cases, all you need is your laptop and an internet connection; plenty of places on and off the beaten track have 3G and 4G internet access these days. If trading fabulous views of world wonders for your computer screen isn’t your thing, you can teach, sell goods, and even do tours to earn a living while on the road.

Online Worker

Digital nomads – people who work online while travelling the globe – freelance or have permanent online jobs, and options really are limitless depending on your skills. For example, with a background English or journalism, you can find fairly regular writing and editing gigs; with coding skills, you can find contract or permanent work online as a software, app, or website developer. Don’t leave home without doing some prep work. Take time to find stable online work that has flexible hours, then confirm that you can log in to submit work from anywhere in the world; some employers may not want to work with people outside of Canada even if they allow telecommuting. You’ll also want to find out how you’ll be paid, and confirm that you’ll be able to access the money in the countries where you’re going – lots of countries these days have ATMs where you can withdraw money from your bank in local currency.

Internet Entrepreneur

Being an internet entrepreneur is different than working online jobs in that you have a more flexibility in what you do and how you do it. If you’re an indie author, you can plan to write, publish, and market your books on the road. With a publisher’s advance on a book like Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love,” you can use the money to pay expenses while on the road. You can also run a website, and do blogging and affiliate marketing to earn money while travelling. Like setting up online jobs, you need to spend some time setting up your blog and social media accounts, and finding lucrative products to market to make your work days on the road a bit more predictable. If you supplement your online presence with videos or podcasts, you’ll have to put some thought into the kind of equipment you’ll need while travelling. Generally, inexpensive and replaceable gadgets are your best bet, but try not to sacrifice quality.

Local Opportunities

Lots of Canadians teach English during their travels, while others work as tour guides, which is a great way to make friends in the countries you visit. You’ll need to get the job from your home base in Canada first, so you can get the right visa that allows you to work in the country where you’re going. All countries have major issues with visitors working without the right visas, so if you plan to get involved in fine arts or performing arts to make money during your travels, make sure you collaborate with trustworthy locals who can receive payments in local currency, pay you, and handle any taxation issues that come up. Some people buy exotic goods, like handmade jewelry, spices, fabric, and home decor items, during their travels and ship them to retailers back home. You can make this work if you have some experience visiting certain countries and get to know local artisans, photograph their work, and make online and paper catalogs for your retailer-clients. Shipping goods out of foreign countries is easier when you have access to services such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.In this day and age, you can make a decent living while travelling. Just make sure you chose the right opportunities so you don’t get stranded abroad with no money.

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