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Your Business Plan is Your Blueprint for Success


Learn what a business plan is, why it is an important document for your small business, and learn about the major components of a good plan.

Why Small Business Owners Need to Prepare Wills

Find out why it is critical for Canadian small business owners to draft their wills and begin estate planning as early as possible.

Estate Planning for Small Business Owners


Find out what business owners need to consider when planning their estates, especially if partners are involved or the business is to remain in the family.

Does Your Business Need ERP Software?

Take a look at enterprise resource planning software and learn how you can use it to more efficiently manage your small business.

Customer Empowerment: Building Your Business on Social Change

Find out why adopting a social cause or creating a culture of diversity can help take your small business to the next level.

Crowdfund Your Small Business With GoFundMe

Fund your next business venture by using these best practices for campaigning on GoFundMe, including social sharing, creating a great campaign, and more.

Creating Your Company’s Core Values

Propel your small business forward more effectively by creating a solid set of core business values for your company.

Crafting a Nonprofit Vision Statement that Speaks the Truth

Learn how to craft a genuinely useful vision statement expressing the values and goals of your nonprofit organization.

Closing Down Your Business

Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how small business owners can legally close down their businesses in Canada.

Small Business Terms: What Is the Raw Materials Price Index (RMPI)?


Read the definition of the raw materials price index. Review how analysts and small business owners can use this index to make hypotheses.