4 Unique Mobile Business Ideas

by J.B. Maverick

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Starting a mobile small business can be risky, but being willing to be a little less cautious can make all the difference in the end. Mobile businesses are unique to begin with, and if you come up with an original idea for one, its very uniqueness may help attract customers. Succeeding as a mobile business owner starts with honing in on that unique business. There are an endless variety of mobile business ideas for you to consider.

The Benefits of a Mobile Business

You first need to understand why mobile businesses can work well. A mobile company already has an element of uniqueness. A mobile business can also provide a more personal customer experience because your shop is a small, more intimate space.It’s typically much less expensive to start your company on a truck or other mobile platform. As a result of your business being run on a smaller scale, it’s also easier and less expensive to plan out and implement any new services or products you may want to add.

Personalized Apparel and Gifts

Selling personalized clothing and other gifts may be a great unique mobile business idea because such items are easy to transport and store. You can purchase items such as shirts, bags, or hats at wholesale prices, and make a list available to customers explaining how items can be customized through silk screen printing, sewing, or even hand-drawn personalizations. This business idea has appeal because you can offer your customers the designs, words, or other personal elements they want for personalizing their purchases.A key to success with this business is finding suppliers with whom you can develop good relationships with, and enable you to buy goods inexpensively and get quick turnaround times for things such as screen printing. When your customers want a silk-screened T-shirt, they don’t want to wait two weeks to get it.


Opening a mobile lesson studio is a unique spin on the traditional concept of going into a client’s home to give lessons or tutoring, much like Mobile Music Lessons, an Ontario-based company that runs a “mobile music school.” The twist for this business is to create a music studio inside the vehicle in which you’re operating your company. You have the advantage of being able to create the exact layout, scenery, and atmosphere you want to convey to your students.The feasibility of this idea depends a great deal on the type of lessons you offer. If you’re giving voice or guitar lessons, you probably need to cover the inside of your vehicle with special padding for acoustics, and have stands for music and microphones. If you’re planning to offer piano lessons, it isn’t realistic to travel with a piano, but you can improvise by teaching students with an appropriately sized keyboard instead.

Mobile Hotspot

There are a lot of areas, especially in more rural locations, with limited internet access. A mobile “hotspot,” which is an internet cafe on wheels, can profit from offering a needed service. Outfit your vehicle with fold-out counters and plugs to power laptops and mobile devices, and charge users per minute or per hour for internet access. Consider supplementing your primary income by having laptops or tablets available for rent.

Repair Shop

A rolling repair shop to service electronics or automobiles is another potential mobile moneymaker. An advantage of operating this kind of business is the minimal expense involved: just your toolkit. You can charge higher-than-normal prices for the services you offer because you’re not just selling service but also convenience.If you’re thinking about starting a mobile small business, as with any business idea, you can increase your chances for success by doing some good market research beforehand to determine your potential customer base. You should also carefully plan how to utilize your limited mobile “store” space to maximum advantage.

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