6 Great Coworking Spaces in Canada

by Sean Ross

2 min read

Working outside traditional office spaces has become increasingly popular in Canada. The country boasts 94 coworking spaces across the provinces with more than 4,100 registered members as of 2015.

The Biggest: Centre for Social Innovation and BrightLane

If a large size with lots of options is what you want in a coworking space, visit the CSI Annex in Toronto. Located near the Bathurst subway station, the 36,000-square-foot coworking space, housed in renovated building that dates back to the 1920s, offers a wide range of options for entrepreneurs on five floors, including hot desks and other shared spaces, private desks and offices, public event spaces, meeting rooms, and a cafe.

Also located in Toronto, BrightLane’s 30,000-square-foot coworking space has hot and private desks as well as private office options for entrepreneurs on a budget. The space, flooded with natural light, includes IT setups for tech entrepreneurs, meeting rooms, a wellness room, a brightly decorated and fully functional kitchen, and an auditorium.

The Newest: Spacekraft and Launch Coworking Space

Entrepreneur Darryl Bosa opened Spacekraft, a 10,000-square-foot coworking space in Burnaby, British Columbia, in September 2015. Spacekraft offers hot desks, private desks with locking cabinets, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and underground parking. The facility also has the IT infrastructure necessary to provide colocation services. Spacekraft plans to launch a new location in Coquitlam, British Columbia, in 2017.

Launch Coworking Space, located in southwest Winnipeg, is set to open its doors in December 2016. The collaborative space for entrepreneurs features hot desks and private spaces, meeting rooms, and a bar with a range of beverages, including beer and wine. The coworking site also has free parking. Certain plans provide members with 24/7 access to the facilities.

The Coolest: La Commune

If friendliness is what you’re looking for, visit La Commune in Montreal. Located in the heart of Old Port, the tech-focused coworking space lives up to its name. At La Commune, members share weekly cleaning duties, and each member has an opportunity to cook a meal for other members to enjoy for free on Fridays. The coworking space features an exposed brick fireplace and offers desks, chairs, sofas and a semi-private meeting room.

The Most Perks: The Commons Calgary

The Commons Calgary invites entrepreneurs, freelancers and other independent professionals to use the space for work, business meetings and social events. The coworking space offers unique settings, featuring leather furniture and crystal chandeliers for photographers and videographers to use as backdrops. In addition to the usual coworking space offerings, members can expect access to a wide range of unusual perks, including a classic red telephone booth for private phone calls, a music system, gourmet food in an in-house cafe and catering, and shower facilities. Select plans come with storage, a mailing address and complementary use of quaintly-decorated meeting rooms. Prices range depending on the services members select.

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