Small Business Term: Beta Test

by Thom Tracy

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A beta test is one of the last phases of the product development cycle. You might say it’s the most important phase because it’s your chance to get real-world feedback from the people most likely to buy your product. You can then use the feedback to iron out any bugs or problems the product has before putting it on the market. Here’s how beta testing works in the software industry: Developers release bare bones versions of software to enthusiastic users. In exchange for early access, these users give the developers feedback on the software’s value and usability. They also help identify problems that keep the software from running smoothly. The phase can last for a while as developers implement feedback from the testers. You can do this type of testing in any industry where you can make early versions of a product and improve it in stages. For example, if you’re a pastry chef, you could set out to make the perfect chocolate chip-macadamia nut cookie and test batches and tweak the recipe based on feedback from a carefully chosen group of cookie lovers. Beta testing can be an eye-opener as it allows you to gauge how potential customers might respond to your product. Most importantly, this type of testing stops you from putting a less-than-stellar product on the market that could make your brand look bad.

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