How to Become a Real Estate Agent

by Beth Rifkin

2 min read

Requirements for Becoming a Real Estate Agent

The first step to becoming a real estate agent is successfully completing the courses required by your province. Provincial real estate councils or associations typically provide their residents with the information needed to get started, and those organizations are listed at Royal LePage.

The second step requires you to retain sponsorship from a licenced real estate broker, then contact your provincial licencing body to get and submit an application. Sponsorship typically means you have a job offer from the broker in question. To maintain your licence once approved, you may be required to take additional courses, depending on the province in which you sell real estate.

Be aware that some developments add layers of complexity to this rewarding career. This includes changes to existing Canadian housing laws enacted in October 2016 that affect lending, reporting and risk sharing. Though these developments brought the market down a little, real estate startups remain profitable ventures for those willing to put in the leg work.

Advantages of Being a Real Estate Agent

One of the main advantages of being a real estate agent is working for yourself, even when you work under the umbrella of a larger agency. You can work the hours of your choosing, and you can even perform many duties at home on your personal computer or on the go via your tablet or smartphone.

Another benefit is always knowing the scoop on neighbourhood amenities, including school ratings and park locations. Because of this, customers look to you as an expert. Even if they don’t plan to purchase a home at the moment, you can cultivate these relationships to get business down the road. This can also help you earn repeat business from satisfied previous customers.

Being a real estate agent also helps you learn new skills you can apply other endeavours. Since many real estate sales and purchases arise due to major life changes, you often serve as a sounding board for your clients, which helps you learn to listen as much to what people say as what they don’t. Using these empathy skills, you can help clients going through rough times navigate the often-complex process of moving into a new home and ensure they find exactly what they need.

Helping people find the homes of their dreams is a laudable, rewarding goal, and becoming a real estate agent helps you do just that. Getting started in this career is as simple as discovering your province’s requirements, signing up for courses, and submitting your licencing application.

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