How to Become a CPA

by Beth Rifkin

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Chartered Professional Accountants work in various environments, including government, private companies and private practice. The services they offer include tax planning, financial document preparation and business valuations. To become a CPA in Canada, take the following steps:

  1. Obtain an undergraduate degree from a university in Canada.

  2. Enrol in the CPA Professional Education Program and complete the courses.

  3. Obtain 30 months of relevant accounting experience.

  4. Pass the three-day exam offered by CPA Canada.

  5. Individuals who don’t have an undergraduate degree must provide proof that they have at least eight years of work experience in CPA technical competency areas. They have to complete the CPA PEP prerequisite courses, provide three letters of reference and a personal statement.

Individuals who obtain their accounting training in a foreign country need to be assessed by CPA Canada.

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