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Using the Cash Conversion Cycle in Cash Flow Analysis

Posted in CASH FLOW

Learn what the cash conversion cycle is, how it is used in business analytics, and see an example calculation.

Use Affiliate Links to Increase Revenue

Monetize content on your website by earning affiliate income, a form of passive income. Find out what affiliate programs are and how they work.

Managing Multiple Small Business Incomes at Once

Review these tips on how to successfully manage multiple streams of small business income simultaneously.

Managing Receivables for Maximum Cash Flow

Posted in CASH FLOW

Managing your cash flow begins with controlling cash from operations. Discover ways to manage the cash collection from sales on account.

Refinance Your Business Debt

Posted in CASH FLOW

Find out what it means to refinance your debt and the benefits of refinancing in a declining interest rate environment.

Improve Cash Flow by Offering a Prompt Payment Discount

Find out why prompt payment by customers is beneficial to your business and how you can encourage early payment by offering prompt payment discounts.

How to Use a Vesting Schedule for Employee Equity and Profit Sharing

Learn what a vesting schedule is, see why it is useful for small business owners, and see two example vesting schedule calculations.

How to Cross-Sell a Customer

Find out what cross-selling is and how small business owners can use this sales technique to increase sales.

How to Create a Cash Flow Projection

Review the basics of making a cash flow projection, and learn about tools to help with this process as well as tips for success.

Drafting a Loan Proposal for Your Small Business

Find out the key documents needed when drafting a loan proposal for financing through a bank lender.