Tips for Wedding Planners: How to Help Your Bride and Groom Save Money

by Lois Leonard

2 min read

Many couples in love want you to give them the sun, the moon, and the stars to make their wedding day perfect. Unless your clients are fabulously wealthy, they probably need your assistance to plan a wedding within their budget. Help your clients stay within budget and still make their wedding an event to remember.

Say No to Nonessentials

Some couples want every extravagant thing they’ve ever dreamed of on their wedding day, but part of your job as a wedding planner is encouraging couples to think about ways to cut costs and still have a great wedding. Whether it’s ice sculptures in June or a fleet of limousines, consider encouraging your clients to cancel things they can do without. You can put a positive spin on nixing nonessentials by reminding couples that such cost cutting moves frees up space in the budget for things to make their wedding a day to remember, such as a performance by their favorite local band.

Plan an Off-Day, Off-Season Wedding

The low season for weddings runs from January through March; people typically don’t get married on Fridays or Sundays, either. So, it’s a good idea to encourage your clients to take advantage of discounts available from wedding vendors when business is slow. For example, you might be able to snag a swanky downtown venue for your clients at a discounted price in months when wedding bookings are low. Sunday morning is also a strategic day and time to hold a wedding; your clients can save as much as 30% by offering guests brunch instead of dinner.

Shop for Discount Wedding Attire

Your clients might have to think outside the box about their wedding attire if they’re on a budget. For instance, the bride may find a satisfactory off-the-rack gown at a department store for a discounted price. If she has her heart sent on a designer wedding gown, websites like eBay and Etsy, as well as local consignment shops, often have such gowns available at affordable prices. Going for nontraditional styles of gowns in alternative colors such as baby blue or light pink is a great way to stay within budget. The groom and best man can save money by renting their tuxedos.

Keep Invitations Simple

In the digital age, it might not be worth it to spend a lot of money on printing and mailing formal invitations. Instead, your clients can work with their email list and send online invitation and save-the-date notices for free. To make sure nobody gets left out, your clients might browse their guest list and print and mail an economy-priced invitation to people who they know for sure don’t use computers or smart devices. Your clients might want to break the bank for their special day, but they’ll be happier when your savvy cost-cutting suggestions leave a little money for after they say, “I do.”

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