Accounting Tips: Upgrade From Quicken to Quickbooks

by Sean Ross

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Quicken and QuickBooks Online are the most popular financial management tools on the market today. Quicken records your personal transactions, account balances, loans, investments, and various other aspects of your personal financial life. The high-end version gives you the ability to do the accounting for your small business and rental properties. However, unless you are an independent freelancer, Quicken’s features are likely not enough for your company’s financial needs.

Instead, you should use QuickBooks Online — an all-encompassing financial management suite — for managing your firm’s finances. QuickBooks Online comes complete with features for inventory, payroll, accounting, tax filing, expense management, payment processing, budgeting, invoicing, and accounts payable and accounts receivable management, to name a few. Similar to a Swiss Army Knife, this application can do nearly everything your business may need.

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