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Intuit We Care and Give Back

We Care and Give Back: Junior Achievement


It is important that our children learn things like how to read and write, but also important that they grow up to be financially literate as well.

We Care and Give Back: Habitat for Humanity

Social responsibility is more than just an ethical theory at Intuit; it’s a culture. Employees are given paid time off to volunteer to benefit society at large in whatever small way we can. On June 18th, employees from different departments and teams at Intuit Mississauga partnered with Habitat for Humanity Mississauga to renovate a house [...]
Intuit We Care and Give Back

We Care and Give Back: Youth Without Shelter

Intuit Canada is proud to give back to the community through our We Care and Give Back program. It provides each Intuit employee with 32 hours of volunteer time during work hours, encouraging everyone to participate. Volunteering at Intuit Canada has included working with the Junior Achievement program, Habitat for Humanity, and even working with [...]

Support For Alberta Flood Victims

Our hearts go out to everyone in Alberta impacted by the devastating floods. One of Intuit's core values is our commitment to the community.  Your business may have been affected by the floods and if you have lost access to your QuickBooks product due to the flooding, we would like to offer you our assistance. When [...]

Intuit Grant Gives Lucky Birds a New Lease on Life

Tropical parrots are among the most exotic, beautiful, and intelligent creatures that may be kept as domesticated pets. As such, they’re always in demand. But caring for the birds — which are known for their colorful plumage, hooked bills, and blunt tongues — is a massive responsibility that many owners are unable or unprepared to handle. [...]

The Show Will Go On Thanks to Granted Wish from Intuit

When it comes to the entertainment business, the show must always go on. But on July 19, 2002, the Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre (KWLT) suffered a tragic setback that imperiled the legendary community theatre to such a degree that few initially thought the lights would ever come on again. On that fateful night, the locally treasured theatre, [...]