We Care and Give Back: Habitat for Humanity

by QuickBooks Canada Team

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Social responsibility is more than just an ethical theory at Intuit; it’s a culture. Employees are given paid time off to volunteer to benefit society at large in whatever small way we can.

On June 18th, employees from different departments and teams at Intuit Mississauga partnered with Habitat for Humanity Mississauga to renovate a house for a partner family. It was an exciting and special day as we were broken up into two shifts – a morning shift that started at 8:30am and an afternoon shift that started at 12:30pm.  Some of the tasks involved painting, mudding, sanding, tiling, and trimming.

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It was a day well spent trying to turn a lovely townhouse into a home for the partner family. There was a sense of community as we all worked really hard together as a team. Experiences like this are great because it also served as an opportunity to not only meet; but also work with people who we may otherwise not have had the chance to team up with back at work.

At the end of the first shift and at the beginning of the second, we were graciously served lunch and the Habitat for Humanity team took their time to explain exactly how they help and we also learned about the Partner family.  We were also asked to jot down a positive message in a notebook that will be handed to the Partner family when they take ownership of their home. Knowing that it was about the people – the family and that our work will have a direct, meaningful impact made the day doubly special.

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It is easy for organizations to focus solely on building relationships with customers; but it is equally as important to form solid relationships with the community that you are in. It is important to dig deep and forge alliances with Non-profits and individuals who actively participate in activities that have direct, meaningful impact and advance social goals.


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We all have an individual responsibility to better our environment and our community and to help people in need. Do something today, as every little goes a long way.

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