Work With People You Like

by Lois Leonard

1 min read

You own the business and love your job, but the daily grind is enough to make going to work every day feel like a drag. Not getting along with your employees can make things that much worse. One way to look forward to being at work is to hire people you really like, and that your staffers also like. Working with people you get along with makes the day more enjoyable and productive.But hiring people you like isn’t all about enjoying your workday. People who interact with your company can tell when people like each other and when they don’t get along. Workers who like each other tend to work together to make customers and clients happy, so hiring people you like is actually good for business.Your workers want to feel valued, so if you hire people you like, there’s a sense that they work with you and not for you. Employees you like, and who like you, will be more open to bringing you their best ideas because they know your response will be honest, respectful, and encouraging. On a fun note, hiring people you like means you’ll look forward to workplace social events and even things people normally dread like meetings.Because friendly relationships among you and your employees are vital for business success, you may have to get comfortable firing someone who doesn’t fit in with your workplace culture. You can soften the blow by giving anyone you fire a good recommendation to help get a job elsewhere.You can’t really tell if you’ll like job candidates just by reading their resumes. Spend some time with them, take them to lunch, or invite them to coffee to get a sense whether you’ll get along with them before making a job offer.

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