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What is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Protect your workers under the Canada Labour Code by understanding sexual harassment and developing policies for prevention.

What Employers Need to Know About Canada’s Human Rights Act

Know your responsibilities regarding discriminatory practices in the hiring and treatment of employees, and stay in line with Canada's human rights laws.

Unknown Future Results: How to Handle Contingencies

Understand financial contingencies and how to deal with them in accounting and financial reporting for your small business.

How Small Businesses Can Minimize Risk

Develop a risk management plan based on your company’s risk of losses resulting from natural disasters, legal liabilities, security vulnerabilities and theft.

Fire Contingency Planning: What Do You Do When a Fire Strikes?

Minimize the damage if a fire strikes your business by having a good contingency plan in place beforehand.

Say It in French: C’est La Loi

Learn about the basic rules surrounding Bill 101 and Quebec's unique language laws as they apply to small businesses.

Understanding Canada’s Three-Hour Rule for Employee Payment

Read about the three-hour rule and learn whether you need to pay employees extra if their shift ends early.

Small Business Term: Non-Profit Corporation By-laws

Learn what bylaws are and the usual content of the bylaws of a not-for-profit corporation in Canada.

Duty to Accommodate: Employer Responsibilities

Understand your duties as a Canadian employer to accommodate the needs of employees belonging to certain protected groups.

Dealing With Investments and Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Read about investing and saving in foreign currency, and learn about exchange rates, fees, and capital gains.