The CRA Provides Webinars About Key Changes in CRA Programs and Initiatives

by Craig Anthony

1 min read

If you’re a visual or auditory learner, you may want to check out the informational videos and webinars on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website. Some videos focus on the CRA and how it works, and other videos offer step-by-step instructions on key parts of tax law. For example, one CRA video explains the Liaison Officer Initiative, while another series of videos details how the agency handles debt collection. Still other videos present helpful topics such as how to pay your tax bill online or an overview of the audit process. The webinars typically feature a series of short videos focused on various elements of a tax law. Generally, the site lists websites with supporting information. You can watch the video in one tab and look at the supplement information in another tab. For example, one webinar is a nine-part series on the T4 slip. Each of the short videos is only a few minutes long, and the topics under discussion include completing, filing, and amending T4s. To check out new and old CRA videos, head to the video and webinar section of the CRA’s website. You can also find tax-related videos on the CRA’s YouTube channel. To get updates when new videos are posted, you can follow the agency on Twitter (@CanRevAgency) or subscribe to an email list.Running a business requires a lot of detailed tax information. To help you get the tax and accounting information you need, the CRA has numerous resources including explanations, videos, and forms online. Consider signing up for alerts so you never miss a new piece of information from the agency.

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