Handling Customer Complaints

by Emily Retherford

1 min read

You may not want to hear customer complaints, but the feedback can help you find areas for your business to improve. When a client brings up an issue, it is important to listen intently. This takes discipline, but let the customer finish and do not dismiss any concerns. You should also take this opportunity to ask questions to flesh out the issue. Afterwards, look at the issue from your customer’s perspective. This allows you to empathize with the person and puts you in a position to find solutions to this sort of problem. If you find either you or your employee is at fault, it is important to start with a sincere apology. Deflecting the blame is likely to be counterproductive. At this point, you can search for a solution. Ideally, it leaves the customer happy and willing to return in the future. After addressing the problem, you can examine any corrective action needed. If this is an isolated incident, speaking to the employee may be all that is required. However, more severe action may be necessary to ensure the problem does not persist and hurt your business going forward. Taking these steps helps your business continue to improve and grow.

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