How to Wow Your Clients

by Emily Retherford

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Your small businesses can gain a competitive advantage over its larger rivals by using a personalized touch to impress clients. Wowed customers are easier to retain and help you attract new business by sharing their positive experience with family and friends.

Keep Your Promises

One of the simplest ways to wow clients is to do what you say. It is prudent to offer less and deliver more, making it easier to keep your promises and exceed clients’ expectations. For example, if you own a construction business and need to give the client an initial quote, provide a price that allows for a margin of error; you can requote as the project becomes more finalized. A requote that is substantially lower than your initial quote makes the client feel like they have got a great deal.

Provide More Than the Client Expects

Surprise your clients by giving them more than they expect. For example, if you operate an online business, you could unexpectedly offer a loyal client a 10% discount on a large transaction; this leaves the customer feeling like they received a good deal while increasing the chances of a repeat purchase. Wow your clients by offering exemplary customer service. For instance, if you own a wedding photography business, surprise the client by attending the rehearsal dinner for a practice session. Familiarize yourself with your clients’ expectations so that you know what it takes to exceed them.

Solve a Problem a Customer Didn’t Know They Had

Wow clients by solving a problem they didn’t realize they had. Offer a free sample of your other products and services that can add value to them. For instance, if you are an independent accounting consultant, provide a small-business owner with complimentary one-month access to inventory software that you sell. You have created a win/win situation by surprising the client, giving them the tools to run their business more efficiently while upselling your other products. Impressed clients’ word-of-mouth marketing helps your business develop a reputation for solving problems as well as offering innovative products.

Follow Up With Clients

Clients often have a perception that businesses forget about them after a purchase. Provide after-sales support to make your business stand out. Regardless of the sale size, follow up with clients to ask how they find the product; this helps them feel valued and provides your business with valuable feedback. Consider following up with a surprise visit in person. If you sell technical or complex products, this allows you to give the client a personalized demonstration as well as receive feedback. You may even secure new business while visiting the client. Impressed customers bring advantages to your business that help it continue to grow. Personalized care in areas such as keeping your promises, exceeding expectations, helping solve unidentified problems, and followups have the potential to delight your clients.

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