QuickBooks to Celebrate Canadian Small Business Week 2016

by QuickBooks Canada Team

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Small Business Week, an initiative led by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), returns this year from Oct. 17 through Oct. 21 under the theme “Measure Up! Shape Your Future.” The theme encourages Canadian entrepreneurs to use benchmarking tools to compare themselves to their competitors so that they can improve their performance. To start off Small Business Week, the BDC will launch a free online productivity benchmarking tool. The goal is to allow entrepreneurs to easily compare their productivity levels to those of other companies in their sector.

What Is Small Business Week?

37 years ago, the BDC organized its first Small Business Week as a local event in British Columbia’s Lower Fraser Valley, where BDC business centres pooled their resources to organize a week of activities for entrepreneurs. For two years the local events were so successful that in 1981 Small Business Week went national, with events across Canada.

Nowadays, many partners from the business community, including Intuit Canada, have joined the event and have made it a success from coast to coast. In 2015, close to 300 activities across Canada attracted around 10,000 business people and many more are expected in 2016.

Small Business Week celebrates entrepreneurship at the local, provincial and national levels. Conferences, luncheons and trade fairs held across the country during the week bring entrepreneurs together, providing unique opportunities to learn, network and enjoy themselves in the company of their peers. To find an event near you, you can use the online event locator.

The Importance of Small Businesses in Canada

As of December 2015, 1.14 million (97.9 percent) of businesses in Canada were small businesses. In contrast 21,415 (1.8 percent) were medium-sized businesses and 2,933 (0.3 percent) were large enterprises. This fact alone underscores the importance that small businesses have for the Canadian economy.

Intuit has long recognized the importance of small businesses and has ensured that its QuickBooks suite is adapted to the daily realities of small business owners. To do this, Intuit has focused on simplifying complex tasks, personalizing the QuickBooks platform and keeping it open so that it seamlessly integrates other apps that small businesses use to run their business.







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