What are Convention Expenses?

by Greg DePersio

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Convention expenses are expenses incurred while attending a business-related convention. These expenses include transportation and lodgings.

In Canada, taxpayers can deduct eligible convention expenses incurred for up to two business-related conventions per year. Conventions sponsored by local organizers must be held in the geographical area where these organizers conduct their businesses. The geographical restriction doesn’t apply to conventions sponsored by foreign organizers.

Costs of food, beverages, and entertainment are considered meal and entertainment expenses and can’t be deducted as convention expenses. If the costs for these items are included in the convention fee, taxpayers can subtract $50 from the fee per day. For example, assume that you pay $600 to attend a three-day business convention, and lunch is included in the fee. The amount of convention expense you can claim is $600 – ($50 x 3) = $450.

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