How to Send Large Files for Business

by Thom Tracy

0 min read

Oftentimes, a small business owner needs to send a customer, employee, vendor, or prospect a large electronic file. Many small business owners use a free email service, such as Google’s Gmail, but the problem is there is a 25 megabyte attachment limit. To send much larger files for free or low cost, do the following:

  1. Open a free or paid Dropbox account at
  2. Compress the file you want to share, making it a .zip.
  3. Upload this file to your Dropbox “Public” folder.
  4. Copy the file’s unique link and send it to whomever you need.
  5. People can then download the file directly from the link.

Files sizes on Dropbox can be up to 20 gigabytes, which is usually much larger than most people need.

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