Finance & Accounting

We’re here to help you throughout the process of getting started. Find tips, advice, and information about finance and accounting for your small business.

Why Customer Lifetime Value is the Lifeblood of Your Business

Find out why it is so important to calculate the real value of your customers, and how you can use that information to power your business.

Why a Bookkeeper is Critical to Your Success

Find out why growing businesses should consider hiring a bookkeeper and what services bookkeepers perform.

When to Increase the Limit on Your Business Credit Card

Implementing an increased credit limit on your business credit card is advantageous if used responsibly.
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When to Claim Capital Cost Allowance

Discover when you need to claim depreciation on your long-term assets in the form of a capital cost allowance deduction.

What to Consider With Small Business Travel

Optimize business travel with these tips. Review the areas you need to consider when travelling for business.

What Roles Do Bookkeepers and Accountants Play for Small Businesses?

Find out what bookkeepers and accountants can do for small businesses and how their roles are different.

What is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Protect your workers under the Canada Labour Code by understanding sexual harassment and developing policies for prevention.

What is the GST Refund?

Review the definition of a GST refund, and look at different types of GST refunds, rebates, and tax credits.

What is Invoice Factoring

Find out what invoice factoring is and how it can be used by businesses as a short-term financing vehicle.

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Learn what equity crowdfunding is and some of the key items related to this nontraditional form of raising capital.