Accounting Tip: Choosing the Right CPA for Your Business

by Greg DePersio

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When businesses have a need for auditing services, help with accounting strategies, advice on balance sheet decisions, or assistance with implementing information systems, they need the services of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The key is to choose a CPA who can bring the right services and expertise needed by the business. Businesses should follow these steps in their search for a CPA:

  • Identify business needs. Be specific about the services the business needs, such as more advanced accounting systems, financial data analysis or tax representation.
  • Establish minimum qualifications. All CPAs must be certified and licensed. Some provinces require advanced degrees and strict adherence to continuing education.
  • Find the right fit. CPAs tend to specialize in certain industries, market niches, business types and areas of financial expertise.
  • Hire a relationship. Hiring a CPA should be based on the desire for a long-term relationship.

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