Finding Purchase Order Software for Your Small Business

by Greg DePersio

2 min read

If you want to streamline the purchasing of manufacturing materials, inventory, or other items, consider investing in purchase order software. The right program depends on your industry, whether you sell inventory, and your personal preferences.

Unleashed Software

As an inventory management program, Unleashed handles purchases, stock management, and order fulfillment. If you deal with inventory, software like this can be ideal, as it handles buying and selling your inventory. The purchase order tools track purchase prices as well as taxes and duties, and you can track average costs for various items so you can easily see how changes in prices or duties are affecting you. The app works with multiple currencies to make international orders easier.

Office Books

In some cases, you need purchase order software designed especially for your industry. If you work in manufacturing, for example, Office Books lets you generate a purchase order online and sends it to your supplier electronically. The app’s dashboard lets you see which orders have been accepted. To make ordering easier for you, Office Books engages with your work orders. When you create an order, the software generates a list of the items you need – and if you don’t have the right materials in stock, the program automatically creates purchase orders for you.


Just as Office Books is ideal for manufacturers, Knowify simplifies the purchase order process for contractors. This app facilitates the process of creating bids, generating estimates, and drafting purchase orders. You can assign different purchase orders to different projects, making it easier to track your costs by client. You can also create unique vendor profiles so you can generate reports on purchases from specific vendors.

Sales Attach

Sales Attach also appeals to companies that stock inventory. This app tracks all of the information from your purchase orders including vendor details, order fulfillment numbers, costs, and more. This allows you to compare how each vendor performs so that you may adjust your purchasing strategy as needed to lower your costs and boost your profits. The program also offers similar features for managing your own sales information. This app integrates with QuickBooks Online as well as some other versions of the software, which is also a key component to keep in mind when selecting purchase order software. If your purchase order software communicates with your accounting software, that saves you a lot of time and money on transferring purchase order information by hand.


BeanWorks allows you to create purchase orders, and it also handles all other aspects of your accounts payable as well. You can sync the app with your accounting software so you don’t have to enter purchases or expenses by hand. The program also lets you label each purchase based on the product or project it relates to, which helps you track costs over the long term.

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