Vancouver: Learn to Be an Audacious Entrepreneur!

by QuickBooks Canada Team

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Have you ever aspired to be a next-generation leader? Someone who grabs an opportunity by the horns and uses it to earn a good living and make the world a better, more humane place?

Then you should definitely mark November 19-20 in your calendar. That is when the renowned SociaLIGHT Conference comes to Vancouver, an annual celebration of innovation and humanity-focused solutions.

This is an event characterized by its global body of business leaders, creative minds, and next-generation entrepreneurs. Intuit is proud to partner with SociaLIGHT Conference Inc. to help build a more financially literate and more dynamic Canada.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

The SociaLIGHT Conference is just one of the many products across Canada that are part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The idea behind Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is simple but ambitious. Lots of people have the potential to be a self-starter, innovator, or leader, but many of them need a way to cultivate their ideas, network with interesting professionals and test their skills in an open environment.

It is difficult to overstate the size and scope of GEW. Each November, participating organizations and governments simultaneously run more than 35,000 events in 125 different countries.

So what can you get out of GEW events, such as the SociaLIGHT Conference?

  • If you are just starting, you can use GEW events to figure out if you may have the interest and skill to launch or join a start-up.
  • Learn more about entrepreneurship — not only in your own country or region, but you can participate with people from very different countries and cultures.
  • Actively engage in part of a global community and join a team that cares deeply about meaningful change in a way that’s realistic and exciting.

People. Planet. Profit.

Why does SociaLIGHT matter? Perhaps it is because SociaLIGHT embraces the exciting opportunities of the future without ignoring the gritty reality of day-to-day competition in the marketplace. Instead, its participants are encouraged to leverage their understanding of those challenges to accomplish bigger and better things.

From a business perspective, the SociaLIGHT Conference offers a straightforward message — if you come from purpose, you differentiate yourself from the market.

This is one reason the conference stands above many other organized efforts to promote social and ecological awareness — SociaLIGHT understands that sustainable changes require entrepreneurial innovation in a competitive space. If the future of business is one that will be consumed by technical disruption and bold visions, then SociaLIGHT wants to play its part by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit lying within bold thinkers.

The event has already drawn attention from major media players. It has been promoted in The Huffington Post, Forbes, TechVibes, and the Daily Hive. DMZ referred to it as “one of the best in terms of inspiration and networking.” Past speakers include Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson and motivation expert Mastin Kipp, who founded TheDailyLove.

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