Easy Ways to Make Your Business Premises More Energy-Efficient

by J.B. Maverick

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Canadian businesses spend over one billion gigajoules of energy per year, more than the collective amount of energy spending per year for all of the homes in the country. While every business needs energy to run, the goal is to run as efficiently as possible. There are a number of simple tips, tricks, and ideas for your small business to consider to use energy efficiently. These ideas help save you money and shrink the size of the footprint you leave on the environment.

Simple Savings

Companies can realize substantial savings on electricity costs by emphasizing with employees the continual practice of taking simple, everyday energy-saving steps. These include things such as turning off lights when exiting a room, and turning off and unplugging electrical devices like computers, monitors, and printers at the end of the workday. You can also realize savings by closing the door and turning off the heat in rooms – for example, large conference rooms – that are only used occasionally. Use rechargeable batteries that cost less in the long run than disposable batteries. While your small business may not initially be able to afford investing in more large-scale energy-saving measures, such as installing solar panels or replacing existing bathroom fixtures with low-flush toilets, high-efficiency hand dryers, and touchless automatic faucets, consider doing so when you have the necessary capital. These steps offer substantial energy savings and conservation. Low-flush toilets typically use only half as much water as traditional toilets.

Make Use of Natural Light and Heat

One of the best ways to cut down on cost, and the amount of energy your business uses, is to make use of natural light and heat. If you’re looking for an office space, choose one that has windows the face primarily east and west, or utilize rooms in your office space that have windows facing these directions. This lets you work with the sun and maximize use of natural light to avoid unnecessary use of overhead lighting and lamps. Make use of windows that open. Many office spaces have sealed windows, however, your small business may be in a home or a less commercial space with windows that can be opened. This will enable you to let in natural heat or fresh air when the office seems warm. You can also combat office heat by installing curtains or blinds and ensuring that they are pulled during the hottest parts of the day to cut down on air conditioner usage.

Exterior Trees and Plants

Planting trees, shrubbery, and other plants on the exterior of your office is a great way to combat heat, cold, high winds, and unwanted pests. Greenery acts as a natural barrier to harsher weather elements, creates natural shade, and helps to give back to the environment. As an added bonus, brightly colored flowers and plants often give your employees an emotional boost and promote productivity.

Encourage Green Transportation

Encourage your staff to choose an energy-efficient mode of transportation getting to the office. Consider offering your staff bus passes if you are reasonably close to public transportation. Another option is creating an office carpooling system, an idea that works well for businesses with a limited number of employees. By taking simple steps to make your business more energy-efficient, your business can improve its operations and realize financial savings.

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