Going Green With Your In-Home Cleaning Business

by Danielle Bloom

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Going green is a smart move for places beyond the traditional home. Green cleaning methods can give your in-home cleaning business a big boost. Skipping chemicals, fragrances, and other junk is a growing trend that doubles as a very attractive selling point for your cleaning business. Transitioning to an environmentally conscious cleaning business is a wise decision for health and financial reasons.

Cleaning Product Selection

The easiest way to make your cleaning business eco-friendly is by replacing your chemical cleaners with natural options. Natural and environmentally friendly cleaners are available commercially, or you can make your own vinegar-based cleaners. Essential oils give your solutions more cleaning power and add a nice scent. Going fragrance-free is also a smart option. Many fragrances in cleaning supplies come from chemicals that may cause sensitivity issues for your customers. Experiment with different cleaners in your own home before using them on jobs to make sure they clean well and meet your business standards. The tools you use may also need an upgrade. Ditch the disposable cleaning cloths and cheap cleaning tools. Invest in reusable cloths, brushes, scrubbers, and other cleaning tools to generate less trash, and make sure your customers know you’re using quality products.

Custom Cleaning Options

Take a proactive approach to finding ideal cleaning solutions for your clients. Let them know what types of cleaning products you use. Ask if they have preferences in types of cleaners or ingredients they want to avoid, such as artificial fragrances. Coming up with a custom cleaning protocol for each client makes your business stand out from one-size-fits-all home cleaners who use whatever products are on sale. Clients appreciate the attention to detail that they see when your cleaning routine fits their needs.

General Green Moves

Increase your overall eco-friendly factor by other simple green changes that also save you money. Switch to electronic client files and invoicing to cut back on paper consumption. Cloud accounting software also reduces the amount of paperwork you create. Lower your energy use in your business office by adjusting your thermostat and replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs. Plan your route to cleaning jobs with efficiency in mind to reduce the amount of driving you do. Keeping your work vehicle tuned and properly maintained increases its efficiency and makes your cleaning trips a little easier on the environment.


As you transition to becoming a green small business, spread the word to reach people who specifically look for eco-friendly products and services. When marketing to that target audience, emphasize just how green your company is, by pointing out the safe, chemical-free cleaning supplies and the gentle yet effective cleaning methods you use. Focusing on the green aspect of your business in marketing makes your company stand out to people with kids and pets, as well as people who avoid chemicals when possible. You can really boost your business with strategic marketing.Move away from harsh cleaners to make your work environment healthier and to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Green cleaning supplies can save you money while helping you boost your business as you set yourself apart from the competition.

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