A Guide to Simplifying Shipping on Etsy

by Thom Tracy

2 min read

One of the biggest advantages of selling your handmade products on Etsy is having access to automated, customized product shipping from your shop in Canada to anywhere in the world. Use the Shipping Profiles and Listings Manager features to estimate shipping for your item listings, charge shipping at checkout, and pay for shipping when you fulfill the order.

Calculated Shipping

Calculated Shipping is a feature that lets you estimate and charge shipping based on the weight and size of the items you sell, and the location of the customer. Here’s how to use calculated shipping:

  • Go to Your Shop > Listings > Listings Manager
  • Select an item
  • Enter the weight and dimensions of your prepared, ready-to-pack product
  • Select Default Shipping (calculated costs)
  • Click Publish

Etsy takes into account the size and weight of each product — even in multiple-item orders — and charges shipping accordingly. The website also recommends the right box size, which simplifies packing for each order.

Flat-Rate Shipping

Flat-rate shipping lets you charge the same amount to ship, regardless of the destination, item size, or item weight. Here’s how to charge flat-rate shipping:

  • Go to Your Shop > Listings > Listings Manager
  • Select an item
  • Select Enter Custom Shipping Options
  • Choose and enter your fixed costs for shipping
  • Click Publish

For multi-item orders, you can either charge a stacking flat rate (e.g. $3 per item, so three items would cost $9 to ship), or you can charge an initial flat rate with a reduced rate for subsequent items (e.g. $3 for the first item and $0.25 for additional items, making three items cost $3.50 to ship). When you ship internationally, you can set unique shipping costs for each country that you serve.

Free Shipping

To set up free shipping, follow the steps for flat-rate shipping. When you reach Enter Custom Shipping Options, choose Flat Rate and check the Free Shipping box. You can offer free shipping for domestic orders only and charge a flat rate for international customers, or you can offer free shipping for all orders.

Shipping Profiles

If you want to apply the same shipping parameters to many listings, you can use the Shipping Profiles feature to quicken the process. Here’s how:

  • Visit Your Shop > Listings > Shipping Settings
  • Click Add a Shipping Profile
  • Enter your package and shipping details
  • Name your shipping profile and click Create Profile

Once you’ve built a shipping profile, apply it to your listings. Here’s how:

  • Go to Your Shop > Listings > Listings Manager
  • Check the items you’d like to apply a shipping profile to
  • Choose More Actions > Shipping Profile
  • Select the shipping profile you’d like to apply

You can only apply one shipping profile per listing, but you can have as many unique shipping profiles as you want. Make multiple profiles to apply to different types of listings, such as a profile for large items and a profile for small items, or a profile for clothing and a profile for accessories.

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