How to Jumpstart Your New Product Launch

by Thom Tracy

0 min read

Sometimes you need to launch a product quickly to capitalize on a trend. Follow these steps to launch your new product quickly and effectively.1. Give your product a catchy name.2. Buy a website domain name for the product and set up social media profiles on your platforms of choice.3. Find a manufacturer who can deliver a quality product quickly. You may need to set up interviews with at least three manufacturers to get the best quality, price, and payment terms.4. Hire a freelance graphic designer or use a logo design tool to create a simple logo design. Put a rush on your packaging and label orders.5. Launch your website, and start marketing your product through social media. You don’t need to have the product in stock to create buzz.6. Set a reasonable advertising budget. Avoid overspending on advertising so you can make a profit.

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