Why Your Checkout Counter Is Your Store’s Best Friend

by Thom Tracy

2 min read

As the last stop before leaving your business premises, your checkout counter is the place where you can encourage customers to make impulse buys and sign up for loyalty programs. More importantly, your checkout counter presents an opportunity to make eye contact and to make brief, meaningful, conversations with customers, all of which add up to repeat business and increased revenue. Read on to learn why your checkout counter is your store’s best friend.

Sell Add-Ons

Customers who have enjoyed shopping at your store want to keep shopping as they wait for your cashier to ring them up. Attractive and enticing merchandise, such as candy, cookies, magazines, lip balm, and cute recyclable shopping bags make the perfect impulse buys to increase your sales. Price point matters, too. The cheaper the impulse items, the more likely shoppers are to buy them. Alternatively, you might also consider stocking your checkout area with higher-priced gift items, including gourmet chocolates, artisan drink ware, or cosmetic gift sets. Such items appeal to shoppers who enjoy making impulse gift purchases around the holidays.

Promote New Products

Customers might miss new products if you roll them out anywhere in the store other than the checkout counter. To get your customers excited about new products, you can install attractive signage in the checkout area and even have your cashiers wear caps, aprons, or shirts promoting the products. Rolling out new products in the checkout area ensures that just about everyone who makes a purchase has a chance to see, touch, test, and ask questions about the products. Your checkout area is also the perfect place to run giveaways associated with new products.

Build Loyalty

Your checkout is the place where you and your staffers engage customers in conversation, making it possible for your customers to make a personal connection with your brand. For a meaningful checkout experience, encourage your employees to smile and ask them about their experience in your store. Referring to customers by their first names is also a way to make a personal connection and a lasting impression. As well, your checkout counter is the ideal place to get customers to sign up for your loyalty program. While it’s one thing to read about points and perks, it’s another to have a friendly person share details about them enthusiastically. The more customers who sign up for your loyalty program, the greater the chance that they’ll return to your store repeatedly.

Optimal Checkout Counter Design

Consider your checkout counter location and design when preparing your store layout. The checkout counter can be any place that feels right for the space — for example, near the exit door or even in the center of the space. Ensure that queue area is wide enough for customers move around easily and browse the array of add-on items you place strategically near the cash register. You might also avoid signage near the checkout counter that uses negative words such as “no” and “do not.” Instead, use words that promote positive feelings such as “please” and “thank you.”

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