Hiring? Get Personal with Video Interviewing

by Victoria Lennox

1 min read

In this video we talked with Emilie Cushman, CEO and C-Founder of Kira Talent. Kira Talent is a video interview screening software that allows recruiting manager to record and send video questions, and applicants to reply back through video. She talked about how important the job interview process is for both employers and candidates. It is a gateway and a touch-point for both parties to showcase their brand, strengths, capabilities and cultural fit.One of the top hiring pain points for small businesses can be their lack of human resources or internal hiring teams to handle all the steps and costs associated with interviewing. And what happens if you make a bad hire?

According to Cushman, it can cost you nearly $37,000 in lost expenses and countless hours of valuable time. Cushman founded Kira Talent as a way to help businesses save time, filter through the masses of applicants, and get to know top candidates on a personal level earlier in the hiring process.For more information on Kira Talent, visit www.kiratalent.com.

This video was produced by Startup Canada as part of a joint campaign with Intuit Canada to support small business owners and entrepreneurs across Canada in accessing the knowledge and tools they need for better hiring practices and to support the success and growth of their companies. Stay tuned to PIVOT for more conversations with key players and experts in hiring and small business human resources. Also, check out Intuit’s new Google+ page for links to essential hiring and payroll resources and tools (https://plus.google.com/110697015214480974122/posts).

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