Hiring Staff and Making It Count

by Thom Tracy

2 min read

Starting a new small business often involves hiring new employees. Recruiting the right individuals can provide innovative solutions, attract new customers and alert you to new opportunities. Think outside the box when hiring staff to find the most talented people for your business.

Ask Current Employees

Ask your current employees if they know of any suitable candidates to work in your small business. Current staff members are aware of the skills and knowledge required to perform the job, and they have a vested interest in recommending capable candidates. Current employees are often connected with other professionals in their industry and may be aware of contacts who would fit at your small business.

Offer a reward as incentive. For example, if you own a small insurance business, you could increase commissions for employees who refer a quality prospect that results in a successful hire. Including staff if the recruitment process reduces hiring costs and helps empower current employees.

Hire Previous Work Colleagues

Hiring previous work colleagues has the advantage of knowing a candidate has the experience and knowledge to perform the job effectively. It also saves time on background checks and getting to know their work habits.

For example, if you own a small accounting business and need to hire an employee with expertise working with nonprofit organizations, you could employee a previous colleague that specializes in that niche.

Stay in touch with previous colleagues using social media platforms, such LinkedIn. Keep up to date with previous work colleagues’ employment status to determine if they are seeking new opportunities.

Engage With Target Employees

Talented individuals are passionate about what they do. They often participate in online forums or blog about their area of expertise.

Your business could become known among prospective employees by communicating in these places. For example, if you operate a small online business and intend to hire an employee to handle social media marketing, you could comment about an article written by a marketing expert or ask for advice about a specific marketing problem your business is having.

Building an online relationship with potential employees also helps determine if they have the specific skills your business requires before you hire them. If your business wants to hire recent graduates, attend college career seminars and participate in work experience programs.

Target Your Competitor’s Talent

Look at your competitors to find talented employees that are suitable for your business. Employing a staff member from a competitor could provide insight into the competitor’s operations and trade secrets. For example, if you own a small accounting business and hire a competitor’s employee, your new worker could provide information about how cloud accounting software was used at the previous firm to reduce costs.

Employees who are hired from a competitor could also bring their existing clients to your business, helping to increase revenue. If your business is targeting employees who work for a large company, market the benefit of working for a small business, such as minimal bureaucracy and increased flexibility.

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