How to Hire Your First Employee

by Thom Tracy

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Your new small business is booming, and it is getting harder and harder to manage your workload alone. Are you ready to make the leap from owner/operator to employer? Here is what you need to do before you hire your first team member.

*Review local labour laws. Get familiar with minimum age and wage regulations in your area, as well as laws regarding work hours, breaks, and fair treatment.*Register with the Canada Revenue Agency as an employer. Any Canadian who pays wages or taxable benefits to another person must have a registered business number and a payroll deductions account.*Calculate labour costs, review your budget, and set a negotiable range for fair compensation.*Implement a system to manage employee hours, wages, and tax deductions. Consider using an app to track time, along with a reliable bookkeeping program.*Post an ad, conduct interviews, and select the most suitable candidate.

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