When You’re Hiring, Remember That Opposites Attract

by Thom Tracy

1 min read

Hiring for your company is a big job. To do it right, you need to find people who can reliably add value to the business and will fit in with the culture you’ve crafted over the years with all of the other employees in the office. Hiring people just like you could be a mistake even if they seem like the right people for the job. While you need qualified applicants, bringing on a new employee who went to the same school, studied the same subjects, and thinks the same thoughts as everybody else threatens to turn your company into an echo chamber where original ideas are few and far between.Hiring new people with a fresh outlook can shake things up and illuminate paths you never would have imagined on your own. A new female employee, for instance, may have ideas about marketing your product to women that never occurred to an all-male team. Likewise, hiring a recent immigrant may point you toward new markets overseas or solve a supply chain problem in some way the immigrant read about in his country of origin. On a smaller scale, you might try recruiting outside of the usual channels such as job fairs and want ads. Try meeting college students or opening up paid internships to get access to the ways young people are changing the marketplace.By going outside of your experience and making the effort to build a diverse team, you have a unique opportunity to broaden your company’s talent pool and knowledge base at the same time you fill another slot in the employee softball team.

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