Groundbreaking Ways to Use Interactive QR Codes to Engage Your Customers

by J.B. Maverick

2 min read

Quick Response codes, commonly known as QR codes, are similar to bar codes and can be programmed to direct customers to a wide range of online content. From a marketing perspective, QR codes provide an effective way to give customers access to information that not only promotes your brand, but increases your revenue. Read on to learn about unique and groundbreaking ways to use QR codes to engage your customers and to get leads and sales.

QR Code Basics

You can create QR codes for free or at a low cost on websites that provide them such as Scanova and QRStuff. These websites provide dynamic and static QR codes. The dynamic codes let you change information, such as landing page address and promotional offers, while the static variety do not. Consumers who use smart devices must have an scanner app on their device to access QR code content. It’s a good idea to have a mobile-optimized website because the codes are only accessible with mobile devices.

QR codes don’t have to be the uninteresting pixel-looking square with which you might be familiar. Consider buying QR codes from a company that offers the codes in various colours and designs. You can include QR codes in brochures, annual calendars, shopping bags, and product labels. You can also place them on store shelves, on merchandise, and even on your business card.

Novel Ways to Use QR Codes

You can do more with a QR code than simply point customers to your business home page. If you sell apps, consider creating QR codes that take consumers directly to a page where they can download them. You can also use QR codes to send consumers directly to instructional articles and videos posted on your website, YouTube, or another video sharing website. Instead of handing prospective clients printed proposals, give them cards with QR codes that take them to polished, online multimedia presentations. You can also use QR codes to send consumers directly to your social networking profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

QR Code Pros and Cons

The most significant advantage of QR codes is the speed at which consumers gain access to your brand, due to many mobile devices users accessing the web via 4G networks. Furthermore, well-designed QR codes add suspense to your marketing campaigns and have the potential to inspire consumer curiosity enough to scan the code to see what’s behind the “curtain.” Also, some QR code providers offer analytics, which provides yet another means for you to learn about your target market.

As far as disadvantages go, it’s important to note that while some companies offer free QR codes, free comes with a key disadvantage, which is usually superimposed ads for products and services on your content. Also, because spammers often use QR codes to gain access to consumer contact information, some people are reluctant to scan them which can hamper your QR code marketing campaign’s success.

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