How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing in Canada

by J.B. Maverick

2 min read

In 2015, nearly six in 10 Canadian small businesses didn’t have their own websites. Compared to other major industrialized nations, Canada lags behind in both domestic and international online presence. There are signs that this may finally be changing in 2016, but most Canadian businesses have a lot to learn about selling online.

If you don’t want to go through the process of setting up your own retail website, or if you want additional access to a large online marketplace, consider listing your products through Amazon Canada. Even seasoned Amazon resellers will find these tips valuable.

10 Steps to an Optimized Listing

Some rules for listings are not specific to Canadian sellers. For every Amazon listing that you have – no matter where you are – you can follow these steps to help increase your conversion rate, drive organic sales and grow your bottom line:

  • Create a concise and relevant title. Do not just spam keywords. Try to aim for 150 characters or less and two or three keywords.

  • Set your price and then a tastefully discounted sales price to make buyers believe they are getting a deal.

  • Use your available photo slots. Each new photo is an additional opportunity to sell. Appealing photos are very important. Seeing human faces in the photo increases the conversion rate.

  • Show a convincing set of benefits in your allotted bullet points. Show features, value and how the product satisfies a universal human need, such as enjoyment or freedom from fear or pain.

  • Format your description with HTML. Utilize spacing, bold or italicized text, and other features to make the description appealing to read.

  • Enter search terms that you did not include in the title. Don’t repeat terms. Consult the Google Keyword Planner Tool for ideas.

  • Run Amazon’s pay-per-click campaign. Use keywords with good advertising cost of sale.

  • Fulfill by Amazon (FBA), not by merchant (FBM). Let Amazon handle the shipping and customer service, and your customers can get Prime 2-Day shipping on your listed product.

  • Leverage Amazon reviews. More reviews lead to a higher conversion rate and allow you to charge a higher rate.

  • Choose your best products when you’re starting out. You want the foundation of your Amazon reputation to be built on your strongest offerings.

Clearing Canadian Hurdles has developed an unfavourable reputation, especially when compared to the U.S.-based Typically, Amazon Canada has fewer product offerings and higher shipping costs. To make up for this, retailers need to pick the most competitive shipping option and, if they plan on selling both markets, use the North American Unified Accounts option from Amazon.

Pay closer attention to sales ranks, which tend to swing more dramatically with because the catalogue of products is so much smaller than it is at Product listing ads are still relatively new in Canada, so proper management of your accounts can give you a major advantage before the rest of the country begins using e-commerce effectively.

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